This is me…


This is me a happy little chappy before the education system tore me a new one




This is me with hay fever.


This is me on my first job as graduate…Yeh a white van driver/model.


This is me and my van, ‘Boy oh boy, life on the road was a barrel off laughs'


This is me smoking on a chairlift. 


This is me at my second job post University… Sales Director for Manilife, the best Argentinian Peanut Butter. Check em out.


This is me fucking tearing shit up on a wakeboard.


This is me next to graffiti in trendy Brixton, Graffiti is illegal btw. 


This is me and my best mate… He’s called Donald and its great I do all the talking and he just listens!


This is me awkwardly leaning into a cab, to get a really awkward picture with my FUCKING HERO… Ricky Gervais.