6 Reasons Graduates Should Work for Start-ups and Sack…

When you leave business school or university you’re probably thinking “Time to enter the real world”

Well let me tell you, I’ve got friends working in the ‘real world’ and they loathe it, worked like a machine shitting out Ford T models back in the day. Automatons add fuel to the Shareholders fire. But of course that’s absolutely fine when you drive a Beemer, wear a rolex, rock up in a fancy tie and don a designer brolly for the “Ahhh typical British weather days”

There is another option though, an option where you are not treating like a bit of WD40, used to oil the monolithic corporate machine. This option is working for start-ups.

It doesn’t feel right, it feel likes the wrong option, I’m a beer drinker, Foster’s my tipple, choosing the start-up route is like me ordering a Summer Berry Cider on Bonfire Night. It feels weird. Odd. Unnatural.

This is compounded by the Humphrey and Hugo’s of University… who’s Daddy has got them in contact with a “Heddgie”, their bedrooms are shrine to the Wolf of Wall Street, a boner arises as soon as they see the FOREX market.

I mean seriously I actually delivered Cheese at my old job…. into Deloitte, some bloke my age, came swanning down with his key pass. If it had been Halloween, I’d of known who he’d gone as Leo DiCaps (or in his eyes “THE WOLF”)

However, what Humphrey and Hugo fail to realise is they are NOT a Wolf, Shark, Dog or Don. They are number, a bar code, an employee. 123,763 employee in corporation X, Y or Z. Almost like a tin of Baked Beans on the Sainsbury shelf… they are a product (their time) to be sold (value they create) , to make money for a large corporation.

Now I wanted to write this article for students who want to be entrepreneurs, are obsessed with entrepreneurship. However, feel peer pressured by Hugo and Humphrey are peer pressured by the marketing tactics of large corporations and feel worried that they aren’t “going to the careers event mate”.

If you’re thinking about being an entrepreneur one day… here’s why you MUST work for a start up when you leave University.

1. The Averages Rule:

They say you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with – Jim Rohn.

When you work for a start up, you’ll be surrounded by highly ambitious, motivated, big thinking people.

This type of thinking, like osmosis will filter into that noggin of yours and you’ll start thinking bigger… well at least this happened to me…

When I worked at the peanut butter start up Manilife, my boss Stu was thinking VERY BIG. His plans to take on the peanut butter market (which Humphrey and Hugo would argue “Bro, that market is saturated… what is this tomfoolery?” and was completely determined, resilient and passionate about making his dream come true.

This 100000000% rubbed off on me… just surrounding myself with people that think bigger than I do, it elevated my thinking. I’ve now launched The Start Up Hunter, I wouldn’t have even thought of the idea, let alone executed on it… if it hadn’t been for Stu passing down his wisdom.

2. You learn about setting up a business

When I was sat in the lecture halls of rainy grey Manchester, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it often felt like “Fucking Hell, where do I begin, sounds like a blag”

Business Schools that teach entrepreneurship don’t actually help us. They put on the slide pictures of Branson, Jobs and Musk getting their horn on over it.

“Oooooooooo, aahhhhhhhhh, look at that I PHONE 7. Who’s your daddy…? Who’s your daddy?”

*JIZZ stained trousers as they flick on to the next slide *

Not all of us want to be the next Branson, Jobs or Musk. We just want to have a business that makes good money and is built on the foundations of something we utterly love and care about.

Anyway… Working for Manilife I was able to get a deeper understanding an insight on how Stu set up Manlike… the action steps that are required. Essentially working for a start up gives you a sense of clarity on HOW TO ACTUALLY DO IT YOURSELF? This reduces the risk of going completely balls deep post University, give yourself a year to learn, grow and develop ideas. Then pack your bags and your off.

3. You learn from their mistakes

Entrepreneurs live by a motto of fail, learn and do it better next time. You can learn from their mistakes without any of your personal money/stress getting thrown down the toilet. The more times the start up you work for messes up or makes mistakes, the more you learn to not make those mistakes when you start up your own venture.

Meanwhile Humphrey and Hugo will be debating their biggest mistake: “Huggie Bro….Rooooookie Error mate HAHAHAHA, you ordered a Tuna Sarnie from Pret Bro.

You get my point.

4. You do scarier SHIT

Sitting behind a desk rubbing yourself up over the Stock Exchange… may be soft porn for those fascinated by numbers, but is it that SCARY? No.

The more scary things you do, the more “AHH FUCK THIS MOMENTS” you encounter… the more you grow as a person. As I’m writing this I’ve got a big meeting for the Juice Start up I work for today, I have to present my idea and concept… this is pretty scary. I am nervous. But I know in the long term, the more of these little scary tasks I do the more I grow and the less scary it becomes in the long term.

If you work for a start-up straight outta University, you’ll get started with the scary shit before anyone else. When its your turn to show up, go it alone… you’ll be like A duck (covered in Vaseline) to water.

Setting up a business is scary… working for a start up you get used to dealing with fear every day.

5. Ability to think of your own ideas

When working for a start up, you become a Creative whore working under a Creative pimp in a Creative brothel. By merely showing up and doing the “night shift” you surround yourself with creative people. In turn you become more creative.

If you want to be an entrepreneur one day… you need to be a creative little Mo Fo. You need creative solutions to solve problems very quickly.

So work for a start up- get you creative high heels on, slap on your creative red lipstick and GOOOOOO GETTTT EM HUNNIES.

6. You make the right type of contacts…

The fact you “need contacts” is a myth. You got contacts… at business school we talk about “contacts” like its Pokemon.

Contacts are meaningless. They’re like the shitty Pokemon, the ones you shove under you’re bed. You need the RIGHT contacts… the Pokemon card whose you baby, you A-STAR killer.

I could go down the local corner shop… speak to the bloke everyday, buy copious amounts of KitKats, Rollies and Diet Cokes, build unreal rapport. But is he going to HELP ME BUILD MY BUSINESS. No.

You need the RIGHT TYPE of contacts to build your own business. Working for a start-up provides this…


You’re a foodie who makes the most ludicrously tasty duck burgers, with a crisp and fresh slaw, in a soft brioche bun, covered in heaps of Siracha and Mayo. You must work for a business that falls in line with these passions… so you meet the right type of contacts.

Imagine going to work for a sports nutrition company… if your trying to sell Burgers down the line, a contact is NOT someone who prey’s to his NutriBullet.

So by picking the right start up… you meet the right contacts… that will help you build your business that falls in line with WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

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LEGO Sets: Why Graduates Should Pick Start Ups Over…

You and I have both played LEGO when we were younger… personally, I loved the stuff!
A cute little 3-year old, dummy in my mouth, curly blonde barnet (yeh I’m not really sure what happened either), I would spend hours all day making little creations of Lego, creativity oozed out of my soft baby loins… I was, like you probably were too, extremely proud of my creations, I’d get that giddy feeling inside,
In my nappy, surrounded by my LEGO, giggling away, building all sorts.
‘Maamii maaaami look what I built’
‘Wooow Dan thats amazing!!!’
‘You Clever boy!’
‘Yep I know…Now get me the new Star Was set YOUUUU SLAAAAAAAAG!’
‘Oiii do us favour darlin’ pop into the offy whilst your there, we’re running low on Cadbury’s Animals!!’
Business schools market their courses a lot like the newest piece of LEGO, the Battle Ship, the Harry Potter Collection.
When we were Kids we felt insecure about our friends having the newest LEGO set. We worried that we would be the laughing stock of the playground.
As students we feel insecure about being the laughing stock of life. Universities use this insecurity and try to sell us something on the back of it, a LEGO kit for lie success.
I need to be successful.
I need to make money.
My parents told me you need to be successful
My school told me I need to be successful
My cinema and news told me I need to be successful.
In swoops the Grad Scheme they promise you that if you follow their instructions manual, you will get money, success and security.
‘Build each lego brick like we say and hey presto you’ll be absolutely sorted’
‘Sounds like a pretty good gig right?’
What they leave out of their marketing ploy is the utter monotony and lifeless experience of following the instruction set.
The GradScheme Rulebook To Achieve Success:
Step 1. The 6.00am alarm
Step 2. The Packed commute
Step 3. The wearing an uncomfortable outfit
Step 4. The staring at a computer screen
Step 5. The fear of other graduates taking your job.
Step 7: 28 days holiday a year.
You may eventually get the Starship Galactica or Corporate Success. I hope you do, after all Steps 1 to 7 sound fucking shit and I hope your rewarded.
HOWEVER, I know this for sure, with absolute certainty, some of my friends are in the corporate world and they dislike it. They know they have to follow the rule book for at least 20 years. Only then will they get their Starship Galactica.
The Grad-scheme Rulebook will promise you is a boring life, a Thank-God-Its-Friday-life, a I’m dreading Monday life. Lots of my friends, in fact most, have gone down the corporate route and I genuinely don’t think they’re enjoying it!
With Entrepreneurship and LEGO:
Most times when we were kids… the true beauty of LEGO was that we were able to create whatever the hell we wanted, magical things happened, it may not have been the Starship Galactica, but it was our creation, our little baby, our pride and joy.
With entrepreneurship you are able to create your own thing, your little baby, its yours and no one else.
I encourage you all to sack off the Starship Galactica Rulebook… Create Success on your own terms…
Screw the Corporate Lego Set. Think Entrepreneur. I am in the process of launching to help students become entrepreneurs. If you’re a student who wants to be an entrepreneur, subscribe and I’ll email you some more information. xx
I’m in the process of launching a business to get more students into entrepreneurship, I’ve still got a few things to finalize… but if you’re a student who wants to be an entrepreneur. Subscribe and I’ll send you an email with more information.

27 Ways To Live and Breathe Creativity

The one thing that pisses me off about ‘creativity’, school tells us “your either born with a creative brain or not”. Well, this is a lie. Since I’ve started writing these articles and been working on the branding for a Juice Company… I try and live a creative life, the more ideas I have the more value I know I can bring to the table… I hope these 27 things help you live and breathe creativity …

  1. Coconut Oil and Coffee. A strong coffee, I mean really strong coffee, add a dollop of coconut oil into the mixture- feel like Stephen Hawking and Andy Warhole’s Love Child on speed. No idea why. But this combo makes me more creative.
  2. Pick You favourite film. Go on Youtube, watch three or four interviews with the director. Re-watch the film. Instead of focusing on the story line (you know that because you’ve seen the fucker before), Now you focus on the creative decisions of the director. You’ll learn creativity from the best in the world, and like osmosis it will just make you more creative. I like Quentin Tarrintino, but you can pick your favourite director.
  3. Have a notepad on you at ALL times. Failing that use the app Evernote. Idea comes into noggin wanna trap that MOFO on paper. You never know, it could make you DOUGH in the future.
  4. Shit ideas are just as important as good ideas. To get a good idea, you need a HELLA load of shit ones. Embrace the shit ones, like paint balling you need to fire off a load of bad paintballs before you hit your target. Keep firing shite paintballs.
  5. Using your notepad. Think of company that has really really really fucked off you off in the past. List 5 ways they could have done a better job. Bloody boring, I know, but starts firing up that creative muscle. Once you get that fucker into gear 5, you’ll be gunning a Chevy down the creative highway. .
  6. Using your notepad. You’re Favourite restaurant, something that could be done better. I love Pret (not my favourite BUT give me one of their Sarnies, I’m getting HELLA CRUNK). How can it be improved? 1. They do free water, on the side of there stores, the water should have lemon and limes in it. 2. The chairs are utterly shit, they need more comfy chairs likes Costa. 3. Should have a Pret Card like nannies, manz owed some sandwiches.
  7. Go to the gym, but never ever, ever plan your workout. A planned work out is boring, monotonous and saps the fun out of going to the gym. Roll with the punch’s as soon as you get in there. You will literally FORCE your brain to be creative. you literally force yourself to be creative pair random exercise, I’ve started just matching lower and upper body exercises- see if it works.
  8. Read the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. Thank me Later.
  9. Cook without a recipe. Get a load of ingredients bend the rules. I’ll combo up chinese with italian… fucking nut job mate… blending cuisines = being creative.
  10. Watch this by Robert Rodriguez, probably the most creative thing I’ve ever seen. Made a blockbuster movie with a mere 7 GRAND.
  11. Listen to Jazz- no reason why, when I listen to Jazz I’m more creative. Could work for you too
  12. The Shopping Bag Technique- want to stimulate creativity? pick you favourite brand and think of what their shopping bag looks like? Usually they are fucking boring. Think of ways you can re-design the bag and make it look cool or weird or strange. Here’s mine: A 4 back of beers, instead of being in some dead holder, place them in a four way condom with the strap line being “Proceed with Caution”.
  13. Do stuff and things where YOU have to create the image in your head… Don’t watch things… they give the image to you, this stifles creativity. Instead listen and read books.
  14. Meditate: you clear your head of annoying, pain in the fucking arse thoughts and leave utterly boundless, orgasmic space for creativity to flourish like a beautiful daffodil in spring.
  15. Practice whilst you do something everyday. On a train to work, on a bus to Uni… practice creativity EVERYDAY. James Altucher says creativity is like a muscle it needs to be worked out everyday. Work it out when your doing something boring.
  16. Look at buildings. I walk through London and look at architecture. I put my brain in the architects mind and think “Where was he going with this one?” Do this. It makes walking more interesting. It stimulates creativity.
  17. Ask Why. To everything you hear, see and smell. Why do Pret package their sandwiches like this? Why is the logo that colour? Ask why you’ll be more creative. Because YOU have to create an answer.
  18. Look at billboards- I love billboards, companies spend MILLIONS on creativity for these things… let me tell you this… EVERY SINGLE BILLBOARD has had a huge amount of creative spending placed on it. Analyse them… you’ll be more creative.
  19. Car journeys- For me, every single idea I thought of was whilst I was doing my white van job, had a pen and note pad next to me- IDEAS would fly in. I thought I was some fucking weirdo (which I am), turns out Sara Blakely CEO of Spanx and worth BILLIONS, does the same thing. Her ideas come to her when she’s driving. Hence goes on ‘creative drives’. Go on ‘creative drives’, write down ideas…see what happens.
  20. Don’t just Read. Read and Pen. School taught us to read the book, close and discard. Fucking retards. When you read have a pen, your essentially unlocking a successful persons brain… to sap every last cell you need a pen on hand. Underline. Write comments. Make Notes. Repeat.
  21. LEGO, I learnt this one playing with little cousin at X xmas. Building blocks of lego, makes weird fucking ideas come to your head. Write them down.
  22. Doodle- I spent most of my time at Uni doodling… on paper on anything… it calms the mind down… when the mind is calm, creativity flourishes.
  23. Smoke a joint. I don’t smoke weed. But some of the best creatives in the world were stoners… every single rapper, the creators of Superbad, Southpark, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles- the best creatives, got high, there must be something in that wacky baccy.
  24. Re-invent the pizza box. Try this on the train, using your notepad. How can you reinvent the pizza box make it better? I’m not entirely sure… but you’ll definitely force some creativity.
  25. Go to quirky cafes, it helps boost creativity, I don’t really know why but it does. Maybe because you ca get fucking good coffee at these places.
  26. Think of something so bog standard and make it unbelievably fucking interesting. A tube… bland, boring, soulless, moving piece of shit. How do you make it interesting? My Ideas- 1. play stand up comedy recordings through the speakers whilst the train moves 2. make all the chairs leather, 3. have free water as your board the train 4. Have a monkey strip teasing on the poles in the middle. Will it ever happen, No? Was it creative Yes?
  27. Other boring shit you could think about making better: The Bus, A Train, A Carton of Milk, An Umbrella, A School Desk…4 ways to make these things interesting, BINGO MAAAA SON- You’ve initiated creativity.

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Want a Daily Practice to Reduce Stress?Give Me 6…

Here’s a little trick that reduces my stress levels… as soon as I wake up

It’s a simple trick that doesn’t require a self-help book. It’s fucking simple and it works… But first a little story…

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I had a dream….A beautiful woodpecker… a mosaic of colours at the dusk of dawn swoops down and rests on a soft, silky smooth surface.

It lines up its beak and finds its exact location. It was beautiful watching this creature slowly knock away and then suddenly the speed increased…. Faster, faster, faster… like a teenager busting out his first wank… the speed was getting out of control… the dream was becoming nightmare

The woodpecker had venomous eyes, fuelled with rage, shaking its head left to right, right to left!

Battering away in my ear hole…

Twatting it’s big nose into my cranium…

Eating its way into my mind…

Then chewing on the remains of my brain…

This wasn’t a night mare. This is a reality. A reality I face EVERY DAY. 365 DAYS A YEAR.

The wood pecker is my 6.30am alarm clock and it ruins me. But it doesn’t ruin me because I need an extra 10 minutes sleep..

It ruins me because as soon as that alarm goes I’m stressed.

Why do we hit the snooze button? It is never to get more sleep… it’s to off set the following:

Stress of the Day ahead, the Week Ahead.. Your life ahead.

Stress at What to Eat for Breakfast? Anxious that it needs to be a ‘Smoothie Bowl, covered in Almond Jizz’? Stressed it needs to have protein in it.

Stressed at your ‘To do list’(which ironically is meant to de-stress you)

I am a very stressy person.

If someone cuts me up on the road… I feel like Armageddon has come and ruined my day… Why Me? WHY WHY WHY it’ss soo unfair.

I’ll get stressed that my Coffee is TOO hot… “Why are you soo fucking hot you piece of shit?” Neglecting the fact, that by nature it is a hot beverage.

I’ll get stressed when I’m at the end of my toothpaste… trying with all my might to squeeze the little fucker out… genuinely believing that my tooth paste is possessed my some rabid holy demon trying to make my day shit.

I’ll get stressed about getting stressed… ‘Don’t get stressed… Why are you getting stressed? No need to be stressed BRO… AHHHH I’m stressed’.

Once we come to terms that stress is part of human nature it becomes ok…

No, I am not a fucking science guy or a biologist BUT here’s a Pope version of history and stress.


Caveman… they used to wake up. Stressed.

What to eat? How am I going to hunt for dinner? What if I don’t feed the kids?

‘Ahh FOR-FUCK-SAKE I gotta go hunting for fish in that ice cold pond with Jimbob who also stinks of shit… then I get back to my cave that also reeks of shit, Ahhh I’ll do that then I’ve gotta rag my wife who stinks of shit.’

Cavemen were stressed.

The Feudal System (Kings and Jousting Shit)

Yeh Ok they didn’t have phones, iPads or even Social Media… they didn’t even have to be in a factory… they were free to roam the land.

BUT…they were stressed that the King was going to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and slit their ball sack open with a hot iron rod.

The farmers were stressed that their crop would be a pile of tripe. Everyone was pretty damn stressed with the ol’ religion side of things- heaven or hell, or in today’s terms British Airways or Ryanair.

Henry VIII was stressed.. he owned all the land, played tennis, ate like a pig, shagged who he wanted … but even then he was stressing about having a boy, he was so stressed that he decided to cut off the heads off of his wives.

The Factory workers

They would wake up every day stressed about achieving the American Dream.

They would stress over ‘Keeping up with the Jones’’- ohhhh they’ve got a nice car… we need to get one of them. Stress. Stress. Stress.

Our generation

We are never going to escape stress, whether it is worrying about getting a 2.1. or how much avocado is in our breakfast.  Once we accept we are always going to be stressed- we actually relax.

I know I am never going to wake up stress free. So I prepare for that wave of stress.


What I do instead… is tap into what is stressing me out at that EXACT MINUTE.

It usually only three or four things… BUT these three or four things feel like a hurricane swirling around in my brain.

So I write down the things that are actually stressing me out at the very moment.

By writing it down… the stress is removed from your brain and you’ve stopped the hurricane.

You’ve actually spelled out the ingredients of your hurricane and you realise it’s never that bad…your brain is just racing, racing.

Everyday, I know as soon as that rancid peacock gets into my boat.

So I was stressed about these things….

  1. I procrastinated all morning (I wrote this at 8.30am, but I start work at 6am everyday- so felt like the whole morning)
  2. Angry went out two nights on the weekend and fucked up my gym routine (trying to lose weight)
  3. Anxious I had no idea what I’m doing with Juice It (new job, little direction, trying to do everything on my ones)
  4. Anxious I won’t be able to speak to people and look like a mug (scared I didn’t know enough about Juice It and would look like a moron)

Then here are the action steps:

  1. Do three things towards Juice It- try a Wagamama juice and create a market research plan- I did these things, stress went down and I had a good day.
  2. Don’t stress about what is not in your control. Whats done is done, go out there and do the workout. For hours I was lying in bed thinking ‘Ive fucked it’, I had cheated all weekend, KFC, Chocolate Cake, had been out both Friday and Saturday Night, felt tired. This was completely out of my control, I can’t change the past, its over, so I made sure I smashed out a workout.
  3. Create a Plan, Remember Richard (my boss) is on the end of the phone- when your mind is in a stress Hurricane often easy to forget some simple things, i.e. people are THERE TO HELP.
  4. Meditate after you work out- Meditation helps me chill the fuck out and realise that looking like a mug in front of people about a product I am unsure on, is literally just me playing over a scenario in my head again and again. Meditate is fucking works.

What should you do?

As soon as you wake up… write down what is actually stressing you out at that minute.

  • It’s usually three to four things.
  • Then draw a line after your list of stressful things.
  • Number each one.
  • Then write down next to each number an action step that would help reduce that stress and make sure you have a good day.
  • Rip up the piece of paper- do the things on your list- hey presto stress reduced.

Sounds fucking simple. It is and IT works. What should you do?

It’s a simple trick that doesn’t require a self-help book. Sounds fucking simple. It is and IT works.

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How To (in 2 mins) Have a More Entrepreneurial…

I’ve had to pull out one of my Get-me-the -FOOK- Outta- jail cards this week….
I had spent bloody ages typing an article about called How I dealt with the Most Unproductive Day of my Life feat. Rotisserie Chickens’ 
The Productivity bit was a piece of piss.
The Rotisserie Chickens, Not so much.
So I’ve sacked that off for a few weeks, will come back to it… any ideas on analogies for productivity (other than Rotisserie Chickens) holla at ya boi.
I’ve started a new job as London Sales Co-ordinator for a start-up called Juice It (second employee) … essentially I have to compile a research report on London’s Juice Market.
Many Tubes. Lot’s of walking (feet feel like they’ve been twatted by a sledge hammer) and just generally been feeling mardy.
Then last night I dislocated my shoulder in the gym… Tell you what A & E really saps the life out of you. You walk in met by a sea of depressed faces thinking, everyone looking, yet thinking the same thing ‘Hhmmmm wonder whats wrong with him?’
*As you approach the Check In bit- you see their ears light up. Nosey fuckers.*
‘Hiya, how’s it going, Name, Date of Birth, First Line of Address?
‘What’s wrong with you this afternoon’
‘I can’t stop crapping my pants????!!!!! ‘
*turn around to sea of people, cheeky wink*
‘You thought it was the shoulder didn’t you. Silly Mugs!!’
BUT this article is still valuable How You Can Have a More Entrepreneurial Mindset in Two Minutes… 
Where is our Generation always looking?
Our Phones. Don’t believe me?
Get on a tube for 4 stops everyone is fascinated by their blower. I for one don’t blame them, the tube is a horrifying place, packed in like corporate battery chickens, struggling for air, wondering when we are going to be taken to the corporate chicken factory.
Old people say:
‘Get off your phone… it’s rude to be on your phone at the table… No phones please’
‘Shut up Grandad’
‘Do What I want’
Most of us, myself included spend a lot of time on social media and looking on our phones. So How do we have a more Entrepreneurial Mindset? 
The Big Clear Out
Over the years… well since 2012… I’ve collected some unwanted clutter… some pain in the arse.. get OUT MY FACE FOOL nonsense…
Tools, Helmets, Bellends, Knob Jockies, Mugs… polluting my social media and more importantly if I am ALWAYS looking at my phone… unfortunately, I’m always looking at this shit.
In 2012, I wanted to be on Made in Chelsea AND have the odd cameo on T.O.W.I.E
I wanted to POP bottles in the club, I wanted to venture out to Sugar Hut… meet some of the Essex Boys (my type of lads)
I idolized these people…
See below…
My point is, that over the years, our perspectives on life change. BUT we still have a lot of clutter from our previous perspectives. My Instagram feed was fuelled with some utter BOLLOCKS. 
Some bird drinking some special Fat loss Tea, whilst Whitening her teeth and shitting out a Protein World Shake.
Or some RAH RAH Chump- Who Guess What? WAS ON THE KINGS- FUCKING- ROAD! Who’d have thought??!!
Balls deep in a Blue Bird lunch with his ‘bro’s’.
If I’m spending an hour (minimum) looking at social media a day… why not at least have some interesting shit on there..some stuff that will motivate me and ignite my creativity muscles.
The Instructions: 
Do the following. It WILL give you a more entrepreneurial perspective.change your perspective (at least it has mine)
  1. Delete your clutter… you’ll definitely have some and it’s liberating when you delete it.
  2. Delete 10 accounts to be specific.
  3. Replace those 10 accounts with these 10 accounts.
  4. Be more entrepreneurial, creative and productive. 
  1. Gary Vayner Chuck– if he doesn’t get you up for I don’t know who will!
  2. Tai Lopez– Guy has fucking four Lamborghini’s and tells you how to be an entrepreneur. Easy
  3. Lewis Howes– very good podcast but posts lots of good quotes on a daily basis, let it filter into your subconscious.
  4. Paul Smith – the man behind the clothing label, uploads something creative every day and a great insight into what he’s like (plus his clothes are banging) and how you can get creative inspiration from anywhere
  5. Rob Moore– The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob takes complex processes and whittles them down to very simple ideas. (The best for anyone thinking about starting up or pursuing an idea). YOU NEED to listen to his podcast, though:
  6. Bradley Simmonds– creative workouts, the more creative stuff you watch, the more creative you become.
  7. James Altucher (my favorite)- love this guys podcast, he is very honest about his failures- which makes you think it’s fine to fail, but importantly how to deal with failure, rejection
  8. Foundr Magazine- the Entrepreneurial magazine for our generation, loads of banging advice on there from starting up a business, being productive etc. , link here
  9. Chase Jarvis– this bloke basically came up with the idea for Instagram before Instagram nicked it. Lots of cool, creative photography and entrepreneurial stuff.
  10. Screw Corporate Think Entrepreneur- daily insights into what I’m reading, how I’m being creative, failures and general life shit.
So remove the clutter, follow those accounts, when you look at your phone… at least you’ll be looking at the good and proper stuff and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to get going on your own. Need further advice? Join my Facebook group and tell me what to write about next…
Peace x

7 Persuasive Sales Lessons Business School Will Never Teach…

I started selling 6 months ago … I thought I was a banging salesman with the el gift of la gab, but NO NO, I was utter shite… BUT this is what I’ve learned through trial and a lot of error and a few sales books thrown in the mixer.
Little bit of background before we go balls deep into the lessons: I was Sales Director for an Argentinian Peanut Butter company called Manilife who produce premium, deliciously creamy yet utterly crunchy peanut butter. These lessons have come from many hours at Food shows and doing sampling events in shops across London. Now that’s out the way, lets get going.
(Check out more about Manilife here:
Here is what I’ve learned, perhaps you may find it useful too…
ONE:  Just because You Can TALK Does Not MEAN You can SELL.
THREE: How Do You Find Out Your Customers Specific Wants and Needs?
FOUR: Put Your Head In The Customers head.
FIVE:  Selling to Different Customers
SIX: Have More Than One Sales Pitch In Your Arsenal
SEVEN: The Best Way to deal with Price concerns, Talk about Cost.
 Lesson ONE: Just because you can TALK it doesn’t mean you can SELL.
Please allow me to set the scene… of how most salesman act in the beginning (myself included)
At me local boozer…Brooding over an Ice cold Foster’s, sparking up a Marlboro Light, informing the ‘lads, leds leds’ of my new Sales Position.
‘Ahh sales mate, piece of piss’
‘Gooot daaa gift of the ol’ gab, me son’
‘Whatever I say deeze Mugs’ fucking buy it’
‘It’s total genius fella, get me commission then I’m down de old pub’
The biggest lesson, just because you can TALK does not MEAN you can SELL.
The natural tendency when you sell is to talk…Why?
The more you talk about the benefits of the product or service you are selling. Surely the more likely the prospect is to buy? Surely?
Computer says NO. 
Talking and selling are different beasts.
When you talk… you don’t sell. Because when you’re talking you’re eating up valuable time. Let me explain….
As Sales Director of Manilife… I talked A LOT but sold very LITTLE.
Here’s how my sales pitch (or talking pitch) would look…
 I would talk at length about many important aspects of the peanut butter:
  • The origin of the peanuts sourced in Argentina.
  • The hi-oleic fat profile, making the peanuts extremely healthy.
  • The meticulous Roast.
  • The story behind the product… My boss Stu leaving his job in the City.
  • The USP of the product, its extra creamy texture, yet it’s simultaneously distinctive crunch.
You’re probably thinking, but that is very important and useful information about the product?
It’s fucking is. But this means fuck all in terms of selling…
Customers will give you a maximum of 5 minutes of their time. Let’s say you talk (see my example above) for 4 minutes. giving out all the valuable information. You’ve completely wasted your time, energy and breath… Here’s why?
You have left yourself, only ONE MINUTE to investigate and find out their wants and needs.
You need to use that 5 minutes… to find out what the customers specific wants and needs are… then you sell them a product that satisfies these wants and needs.
So. Talk Less. Sell More.
Lesson TWO: Listen MORE, Sell MORE. 
By Talking Less. Guess What?
YOU SELL MORE. Because you’re finding out what the prospect actually wants and needs (I’ll keep saying this phrase because it is SO important)
The Talking Salesman vs. The Listening Salesman. Who Wins?
The Product: I Phone 7 phone case.
 The ‘Dodgy Gaff’ in a Train Station, Lyrcra Mobile Salesman
‘Veryyy good case, Fantastic I-phone case, it will never break, I do you good price, full refund’
‘I do you Good price… The Red Colour VERY popular.. will suit you, very nicely’
Not once has he asked what you actually  want and need 
You can’t breath… he’s too in your face… you quickly make an escape for your train. NO SALE.
The Apple Salesman: 
You go into Apple, they listen to your swants and needs, they have a fucking Genuis Bar for God’s sake… you go there to SPEAK, they listen, you ask for the most robust phone case (your wants)- they satisfy it. Ask for the trendiest phone case (your wants) – they satisfy it. SALE.
 You could argue that Apple and Some dodgy gaff are an ocean apart in revenue, spend on training. Yes…. But the Sales model can be applied to any business, big or small.
One is talking. The other is listening. Listening always takes the dough.
Lesson THREE: How Do You Find Out Customers Specific Wants and Needs?
“Everyone has wants and needs, everyone has an Itch as Sales people all we need to do is Scratch that Itch’ – Zig Zigglar. (Paraphrased the fuck outta that btw.)
We all have Itches and we all need someone to scratch our itches. Here’s mine…
When I need a pint, The Pub sells me a beer and scratches my itch.
When I need a new laptop, Apple sells me a Mac and scratches my itch.
When my armpits stink of shite and I need to sort it out, Lynx scratches my itch.
When you have a woeful pair of trotters,  Adidas or Nike will both compete to scratch my itch.
Itches are not easy to find… Why?
They are usually masked with a load of bullshit, phrases like:
‘I’ll have a think about it’, ‘Not for me today’, ‘I’ll have to ask my boyfriend/girl friend’
‘Not for me today’, ‘I’ll have to ask my boyfriend/girl friend’
‘I’ll have to ask my boyfriend/girlfriend’
 Phrases like these prevent you from getting to the bottom of the Itch, therefore missing the sale.
We need a battering ram to cut through this bollocks, and there are two weapsons at your disposal:
2. A weapon that will always stand the test of time its the Mo-fo-fucking- battering ram: QUESTIONS.
How do you use the battering ram?
At Manilife, like a rabid horney Viking I was relentless in using the battering ram. I would keep battering away until I had broken down the gates to the castle and found the customers ITCH.
Here’s how you do it: Start broad. Get specific. 
 Here’s an example during my time at Manilife.
‘Do you like peanut butter?’ (VERY BROAD)
‘No’- don’t pursue the sale- Don’t waste your energy (your energy is a finite resource)
Probe Question ONE:
‘How do you usually eat your peanut butter?’ (investigating begins, BROAD)
‘I have it on Banana’ (Ok, you know they WANT it on fruit)
‘I suggest you pick the Deep Roast it goes much better on fruit’ (satisfying their WANT with your product, STILL BROAD)
Probe Question TWO: 
‘WHEN do you eat your Peanut butter then?’ (MORE SPECIFIC)
‘In the morning’ (Now you’ve found their ITCH, they are itching for a product that tastes good, saves them time in the morning when they are rushed and anxious to get out the door)
‘Scoop this on a Banana, it takes 30 seconds and you have a healthy breakfast’ (You’re no longer selling them Peanut butter, You’re selling them a time saver that is healthy and stress-free) (VERY SPECIFIC)
Find someone’s Itch by asking questions. Tell them how your product satisfies that Itch. Sell More.
 (I am going to do a longer blog post, specifically on probing questions to investigate and find out people’s wants and needs- Keep your eyes peeled.)
Lesson FOUR: Put Your Head In The Customers Head. 
 As sale bro’s and hoe’s we are often absorbed in our OWN head…
As we deliver our pitch … we are trying to rattle out all the important information about the product and service.
‘What should I say now?’
‘Am I saying the right thing?’
‘Is this going well?’
‘Have I got any peanut butter in my teeth?’
Time after time… I would be IN MY HEAD asking these questions… Yet also IN MY HEAD  thinking I was fucking sick at selling: a passionate, enthusiastic, engaging little fucker…
Little did I know this was a sure fire way to guarantee A No Sale.his is destined for a no sale.
Once I put my head IN the customers head I sold more (perhaps this could work for you too). In fact, I went from selling 5 jars an hour to 180 in 5 hours at the Taste of London Food show. Why did I sell mroe though? Let me tell you…
When I put my mind inside the customers… it was like a mirror being held up to my face… I realised I was JUMPING down the customers throat… with FAR TOO much passion and zeal… It would have turned anyone off.
Get into the Customer’s head. Try to see through their eyes, by doing so you’ll see yourself… you’ll know whether to tone it up or tone it down. Whether your being too aggressive or too timid.
 Lesson FIVE: Selling to the Different Customers
When you put yourself in the customers mind… as your floating around in their noggin, you’ll start to see, feel, smell and act like them. You’ll realise EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT ITCHES. EVERYONE’s NEEDS TO BE SATISFIED DIFFERENTLY (some Anal others Oral, whatever floats your boat!)
Let me introduce to three customers: The Grandma, Little Cousin and a Teenage Brother
Would you speak to your Grandma the same way you would speak to your Little Cousin or Teenage Brother?
Would you speak to your Little Cousin the same way you would speak to your Grandma or Teenage Brother?
Would you speak to your Teenage Brother the same way you would speak to your Little cousin or Grandma?
Imagine saying to your Grandma or Little Cousin- ‘HAHAHAHA you haven’t got any Pubes’
You’d get a few stares to say the least. BUT it makes perfect sense if you say it to wind up your Teenage Brother.
Therefore, each customer is completely different… you need to speak to different customers in different ways. Ways that make sense to the specific customer. It’s definitely not one size fits all and I learned this through some dodgy looks when I told an elderly women it looked like she worked out… lol
Lesson SIX: Have More Than One Sales Pitch In Your Arsenal  
One product: Trainers.
Three Customers: Grandma, The Teenager, The Little Cousin.
All three want the SAME product. But have different wants and needs.
First, Sizing- Grandma size  6, the Teenager (if he’s a growing lad) could be size 9, the Little Cousin size 4.
Second, Taste- fuck knows what the Old Granny would go for, them oversized trainers for Bingo, The Teenager would need something ‘cool’, the Little Cousin would want something with Power Rangers all over it.
Third, Wear-ability, Grandma would need trainers for Bingo and Reading Club, The Teenager would need trainers for ‘looking cool, fuck-mum-and-dad’ and the Little Cousin would need trainers for going BUCK on the swings in the play ground.
These customers all need the same product: trainers but have different wants and needs.
So,  have an array of pitches in your sales arsenal.
I don’t give a fuck about your ‘target market’- that is not an excuse for having ONLY ONE sales pitch at your disposal.
You’re target market will be always be sliced up into different segments. So have sales pitches ready for each segment.
 Here’s another example as Sales Director of Manilife. The same product i.e. peanut butter But our target market was split up. Different Customers. Different Needs. Different Pitches.
The Yummy Mummy has money to spare, so the price point is not an issue, caring, usually comes with a friend, at food shows will be looking for scrumptious food.
Their needs wants and desires 
Looking for a high-end premium product, doesn’t matter what the product is, they’ll always want PREMIUM. So that’s their needs and wants… They also like helping younger people, I don’t know specifically Why? but they do… so you can tailor this into your sales pitch.
The Sales Pitch
  1. Talk about the craftsmanship of the Manilife roast, unlike other peanut butters, we meticulously roast ours for a specific time, the recipe has been developed over 2 years, originating on a farm in Argentina, slowly but surely, our boss Stu (with passion and care) has tweaked and tweaked and re-tweaked the recipe- to create the most unique peanut butter on the market. This screams out premium, high-end product, love and care= Sale closed.
  2. The Yummy Mummy has spare time/money, so their wants and needs, whether they truly know it or not, would be to share some of their wealth by helping a start up ‘make it’. Giving them the story of Stu ditching the corporate route and taking a big risk, an all or nothing situation Playing the sympathy, start up needing money card= Sale Closed.
The Foodie 
Specific wants and needs a great tasting product, price could be more of an issue here, interested in food, this is more for the big food shows, the business 2 customer ones- they are there, obviously for food, they are looking for a banging product- that’s  in their need, so satisfy it
The Sales pitch 
  1. If they’re interested in food go with the uniqueness of Manilife peanut butter, the completely different texture and consistency.
  2. So go with something like this: ‘Our peanut butter, will truly satisfy YOUR peanut butter needs, we strive for a texture that is more like a salted gooey caramel as opposed to a Pate, which is the traditional texture of PB. Once we get this, we add in a specific amount of carefully selected, properly chunky nuts, so you have a contrast of textures going on as you eat the product. Food wants exciting product. Foodie gets exciting innovative product. Sale Closed.
  3. Talk about the use of the product, their needs and wants will be asking questions ‘what can I use this on etc.’- so say we put in on fruit, the creaminess of the peanut butter and its hard crunch, contrasts with the wetness and sweetness of an apple or banana- a healthy snack that also tastes incredible! – Personally, for savory dishes- my mum uses it for a great chicken satay, using soy sauce, chili and ginger, pouring it over chicken. Its an old dish, but since using Manilife, the texture has taken it to a new level – bringing in personal relations encourages for empathy boosts your pitch!
 The Gym Bunny 
Wants and Specific needs – a healthy product, HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH, something that is healthy and its benefits.
The Sales Pitch 
  1. Eassssyyyy money, First, ask about what they do in the gym, you can spot them a mile away… gym clothes… running kit… trainers… ‘Ask how they train, what they train, gym, running, yoga etc.’ – by doing this your finding out their find their itch, now start scratching it 
  2. Then talk about the Hi-Oelic fat profile (basically really healthy fats), its similar to olive oil- meaning when you train, you’ll actually be burning fat ( gym buynnies want to be burning fat- so satisfy it)
  3. Talk about the fiber content of peanut butter.. keeps you fuller for longer, be emphatic to their busy schedule- ‘Look working out and being healthy is stressful at times, a scoop of this on a banana and your set for the day, can be used as a breakfast or a pre work out, or mid afternoon snack. Time and staying healthy is hard, but gym bunnies want this. Your product can do that. Sale closed. 
  4. I used this to sell to three runners in Putney… all in their gym kit, found out their specific type of fitness was running. So then I tailored it to that… You don’t want a heavy meal before a long run… so have this on a banana. that way your getting carbs from the banana… and protein and energy from the peanut butter- but more importantly it tastes good, meaning it is easy for you to stick to your diet.
‘That’s far too expensive’
‘Yes it’s a great product, I just can’t justify spending £5 on a jar of peanut butter’.
‘I love it, I just wish it was cheaper!’
My  Orignal utterly shit response:
‘Yes I know its a great product and Yes I know its a high price, but I can’t change that- are you interested or not?’
By doing this I was immediately losing the sale, all because I didn’t know how to deal with circumnavigating the price. Reading  Zig Zigglar’s ‘The Secret of Closing The Sale’
The best way to deal with PRICE CONCERNS, Talk about COST.
When people say the PRICE is TOO EXPENSIVE. Just talk about the COST.
I’d say Yes. The Price is expensive, but have you thought of the COST of not buying the peanut butter today.
Confused???? Yeh, I was at first. Customers usually always are… BUT this puts you in a great position to close the sale.
Talk about the COST of not buying the product… When I say COST… think of non-monetary things…
The cost is non-monetary things- the cost of buying a cheaper peanut butter- is less taste, less quality, less care and love gone into the jar.
The cost of buying a cheaper peanut butter- is the cost to your health as they are full of crap and packed with sugar.
The cost of buying a cheaper peanut butter is the dissatisfaction when you eat it, knowing that a better experience could be had elsewhere i.e. Manilife.
By talking about the cost… your creating a need within the customer. One that they didn’t even know they had. A need around their health, wealth and happiness. Talk about ‘Cost’. Create a need. Sell more. People will say ‘Great Product, but I can’t afford it today’
Your Call to Action (not going to spruce it up in a marketing veil of bullshit)
Share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- the more people that see this
1. Hopefully they find it valuable
2. When people are spreading the word it feels pretty damn good.
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Now! Stop Stressing About Your Business Plan?



Thank you, please take your seats, we will be serving ice cream and refreshments during the interval. Enjoy the show.

*Curtains open*

You and I probably have a massive dislike for ‘plans’, ‘planning’, ‘forecasts’

Plan. Plan. Plan. – I FUCKING HATE PLANS, they sap the life out of everything, trample all over my passion and excitement and make the impossible even harder to achieve.

‘Suck my helmet Plan!!’

Even the word ‘Plan’ is just irritating. When you look at it, its such a small word, there is nothing sexy about it, an annoying little word with so much potency.

Lets compare plan to ‘passion’ and ‘excitement’, in these words theres a lot going on, a mix of syllables  vowels and constants in unison like a sexy Jazz band coming together in a low lit New York club, its BEAUTIFUL. They sounds sexy and intriguing  But more importantly there is Life in the these words. 

But ‘Plan’. , Fuck me, that is a word with no life to it, it’s so small, yet so soul sapping. If ‘passion and excitement’ were animals they’d be Powerful Eagles sweeping over the Himalayans Mountains.

But Plan,

That’s a Mosquito.

In fact labelling the word plan ‘mosquito’ is far too generous, the word plan is more like the English slang for ‘a mozzy’.

A mozzy buzzing in to interrupt your Full English Breakfast in the Benidorm Sunshine, to gnaw away at your Chelsea football club tattoo, to nestle into your overly tight Umbro England Football tank top covered in larger and beans.

Plan’s much like mosquitos sap the life out of your passions and excitement.

Plan’s are a kill joy.

Plan’s make me depressed.

Plan’s we do not need.

Why you don’t need a plan?? 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been sat on a train, meandering through a pavement or been completely intoxicated and a Genie has swooped in and given you a Genius business idea…out of the blue not expecting it, but it permeates your brain and your filled with excitement.

Immediately, You start think of all the possibilities. You think of how your idea will look in 5 years. How you will build a fantastic team? How it could change the world?

You think of the lifestyle you could live: 

Basking in Mediterranean sunshine, lying on your sun lounger, top to toe in Biz Bun (Either Factor 50 or the Factor -1 oil shit, No in-between for us Brits).

Looking over to the waiter,

“Señor Dos Pino Colda’s con Club Sandwhich’s with extra Mayonnaise, No tomato, Pooor Faaaavoro”

*cheeky wink, Yeh I dabble in Spanish*

(The Brits have a tendency to amalgamate the English and Spanish language. No idea why.)

BUT then… your idea and your imagined lifestyle is ruined. Instantly.

Bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzz

Before you know it, the plan mosquito has swooped in, dug it’s ‘plan’ fangs into your brain and sapped the life out of your fucking fantastic idea and dropped its crap all over your club sarnie.

Your probably wondering, but how? Well its simple.

If you have an idea, that excites you or ignites you… I bet you, as soon as you think of the Plan it turns off that excitement, pretty damn quickly.

You start thinking things like this…

‘Ohhh god that is bloody good idea, but it don’t half take some planning’

‘Ewwww god thats going to take ages to plan all that out’

‘Ahhh its going to take me 3 weeks just to write the plan’

‘Fuck that ain’t bothering’.

’That is some serious hard work’

Yep. That voice in your head, the voice that saps the life out of your initial excitement and passion. That my friend, is the planning mosquito going H.A.M.

What happens next?

Your passion is drained by the planning mosquito and you do nothing with that idea. It remains just an Idea, You do nothing. 

You may be a reader thats not buying by unorthodox tripe. Thinking ‘Pope thats so retarded, you can’t have a business or an idea without a plan? If you don’t plan your destined to fail? We need plans? Your so DUMB mate’

Hold ya fucking horseeess FOOL.

Let’s just rewind for a second and understand why we are OBSESSED with plans!

School- here’s your timetable (plan), here’s your home work (plan)-  so 18 years in school since the age of three, we’ve been told to follow plans. All we know is plans.

University- you must PLAN your essay before you start writing.

We’ve all had that condescending lecturer, the bloke you look at and there is no doubt in your mind that he has bad breath, even though your sat 20 meters away. He will the proceed to cough up something like this: ‘Please guys, for the love of God, PLAN your essays, the amount I mark and I can tell they just haven’t PLANNED.  I’m left no choice, I HAVE to award a 2.2’. 

News – What is Trumps Plans? What will be the plans post Brexit? (Word on the street is Theresa May is going to give a rim job to the Minister of France) ‘Ohhhhh what a great plan that is! That’ll smooth over frosty relations)

Sport- Chelsea are lining up 4-4-2 what a brilliant game plan that is. Tottenham game plan was all over the shop, no wonder they lost.

Drinking- ‘Oiiii Leds Leds’ ‘Right here’s the plan: We’re going drop our bags at the hotel, hit the strip, neck exactly 5 jaegers and then at Midnight we’re gunna welly out the  “YA YA, KOLO KOLO chant” “Fucccckingggg hell son, how do you come up with these brilliant  plans?” “Dunno mate, think its genetics”

Weddings – Don’t need to explain this one, you get point, everywhere we look, the social, political and economic infrastructure we find ourselves in is built on Plans.

So chill out, its not our fault that it seems natural that as soon as we have a banging idea that we need to have a plan. 

But this is my main point, when we allow the Plan Mosquito to enter our brain, Our idea is squandered, the Plan eclipses our passion and excitement. 

But remember what I said before the show started,  DOING IS 10X MORE IMPORTANT THAN PLANNING.


Now I’m going to agree with you momentarily. Yes, Plans are needed for social, political and economic spheres to work. Yes, Plans are necessary for a sport team to operate efficiently. Yes, Plans are needed to organise a holiday or wedding. 

But I am NOT talking about any of the above. I am writing this for YOU, and YOUR IDEA, YOUR PASSION, YOUR EXCITEMENT! 

So when you read the next section, try to detach yourself from everything the social, political and economic spheres and all their plans. Get in touch with your idea and how it fires you up, gets you FUCKING UP FOR, C’mon Babyyy lets dooo this.

When you and I think of planning out our idea, we our told (or so we believe) we need to plan out the next 3-6 months, have all the bases covered, sales growth, customer acquisition growth, forecasts left right and centre, how the business will look in a years time…

9/10 this is overwhelming, scary and actually pretty boring, thus it squashes our excitement and passion AND we do nothing with that idea.

Here are the times I came up with three banging ideas (you can be the judge of how ‘banging’ they are) But thats beside the point, I let the planning mosquito nestle in, kill my enthusiasm and I did nothing. ,


  1. Starting the Tutoring agency for Rich Kids in Surrey- Too much planning and aggravation! I did nothing.
  2. Starting a WhatsApp Fitness company, where direct WhatsApp messaging would be in place to keep clients motivated and tailor workouts to how they were ACTUALLY feeling that day as opposed to an online plan that doesn’t cater for how people feel on a daily basis. ‘Thats a blag to plan out, fuck that one off’. I did nothing.
  3. Selling Mexican Food at Festivals- (Yeh, I agree, pretty crap idea) but still- I am passionate about food, yet the Red Tape, the transport costs, the buying of food wholesale, all sapped the life out of it. I did nothing.

What I could have DONE, whilst the passion was still there

  1. I could started with ONE CLIENT, tutor them, see how it had gone from there, this would keep the fire alive and probably given me momentum and helped with word of mouth marketing. NOT PLANNING FOR CLIENT GROWTH UP TO 20 STUDENTS.
  2. I could have started a Facebook page, with the aim of getting 3 clients on board, using my friends in fitness (not me obv) to test the service whilst the passion was still there. NOT HAVING TO PLAN HOW MANY CLIENTS ARE REQUIRED 6 MONTHS DOWN THE LINE.
  3. I could have prepared 4 dishes, and sold them at the local school, this would keep passion and fire alive… NOT HAVING TO PLAN FOR EVERY FESTIVAL IN THE SUMMER.

To give you some more peace of mind in the world of arduous planning… a lot of highly successful entrepreneurs, started doing before they even came up with a plan.

I read this book, Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Siver’s started a company called CD Baby in 1998. Sivers was a musician and realised that there was no-where for unsigned musicians to sell their music online. The only way you could sell your CD online at that time was if you were singed by a big record label, they had the financial muscle to pull the string.

Sivers was passionate and excited to sell unsigned artists music online, whilst by-passing the large music conglomerates.

Sivers started with no plan, selling just HIS music online, through his passion and excitement.

Sivers then had a mate who wanted to sell his music online, so Sivers did him a favour and sold his music online too.

Sivers then had hundreds of unsigned artists asking for the same thing, this turned to thousands, then millions.

Sivers sold CD Baby in 2008 for $20 million.

The point is Sivers never had a 6-12 month PLAN, he did have passion and excitement and MORE IMPORTANTLY he started DOING.

If he had planned out the whole thing, he would have been overwhelmed and sacked the whole thing off.

He says this in his book page 32.

Do you have a big visionary plan for how the world will work in 20 years? Do you have massive ambitions to revolutionalise your industry? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. I never did.

A year and a half after starting CD Baby, it was just me and John, my first employee, running it out of my house. One night, I decided I should think more about the long term future of this thing (i.e. Plan) 

Who else didn’t have a plan, but just started doing ? 

Joe Wicks had no plan when he started his Instagram videos, he did 15 second videos of cooking and fitness, because he LOVED cooking and Fitness- his company The Body Coach pulls in millions a month- think he planned that all out HELL NO.

Twitter had no plan- they started out as a podcast service, got that going (whilst the passion was still there) and then further down the line they came up with the idea of micro-blogging (tweets)- No plan.

Branson came up with Virgin Airways in One hour: 

I stayed on Beef Island for the rest of that holiday, and it was there that I set up Virgin Airways. We were trying to catch a flight to Puerto Rico, but the local Puerto Rican scheduled flight was cancelled. The airport terminal was full of stranded passengers. I made a few calls to charter companies, and agreed to charter a plane for $2,000 to Puerto Rico. I divided the price by the number of seats, borrowed a blackboard, and wrote VIRGIN AIRWAYS: $39 SINGLE FLIGHT TO PUERTO RICO. I walked around the airport terminal and soon filled every seat on the charter plane. As we landed at Puerto Rico, a passenger turned to me and said: ‘Virgin Airways isn’t too bad – smarten up the service a little and you could be in business

So what can you do to keep your passion and excitement alive and start doing?

Think Small.

Set the benchmark low.

Plan for only one month.

By planning for one month, you don’t need forecasts, a big business plan- but more importantly the fire is still burning.

This is not a plan, in the traditional sense and as I’ve mentioned I fucking hate the word plan. But unfortunately, I am going to have to be a hypocrit and call this:

‘The non-life sapping business plan’.

On a Sunday evening, plan out only 3 things. Thats pretty easy right?

  1. What the biggest risk you can take?
  2. Who are three people to call for help/advice?
  3. What is something I can do every day for only ONE hour a day minimum to keep the fire burning/ passion going.


  1. The biggest risk, do that first thing Monday morning, it will set the tone for the rest of the week, something that could be a failure or success- last week, it may sound stupid, but for me the risk was starting a Facebook group, fears and anxieties that not one person would join, fear that I may look stupid- I did that first thing Monday morning, and now I know who are truly engaged with what I’m trying to do. It doesn’t need to be a big risk, but it needs to be something that gets you DOING.
  2. Call three people for advice- a friend, a relative and someone in the industry- make a note of what they say, then act on it.
  3. Something you can do everyday for an hour- mine is writing and being creative, I do that every single day, 1 hour a day minimum. If your into food, it could be cook for an hour a day, into fitness it could be filming your training for one hour a day, if your into graphic design, design for an hour a day.

By the end of the month. You’ll have taken 4 risks (things that could succeed or fail- doesn’t matter how big or small they are)- when you take risks not matter how big or small, it gets you FUCKING UP FOR.

You’d have spoken to 12 people, lets say an hour each person so thats 12 hours of advice- thats going to help you and keep the passion alive.

You’d have put in a minimum of 28 hours towards your goal, passion.

Follow that to a T, and hey presto you have acted on your idea and not allowed the planning mosquito to swoop in and shit all over your beautiful parade.


Why You Should Stop Stressing about Getting a 2.1.?…

You and I will both have our own thoughts on the ‘First Week of University’
Here’s mine…
I started Manchester as a lad from Surrey, a nervous, insecure wreck, hoping to make friends, all very confused and lost.
My mother nestled me into halls with enough appliances to fuel a Michelin Star Restaurant and plenty of utterly irrelevant shit (Pillows, lots and lots of pillows, I insisted one would do the trick, but she persisted that more the merrier).
My pillow infested room faced the dining hall, like David Attenborough I had the perfect hiding spot to see the new breed of species I was about to mingle with.
Peering out my window, I was completely flabbergasted!!
Edgy troopers and their Edgy march (you know, the I-bun-weed-and-dont-give-a-fuck-walk) bowling into the dining hall.
I entered the dining hall.
I sat over my underwhelming Chilli con Carne, peering out over the lunch hall like a ferret…
I was amazed, these edgy folk even ATE in a different manner, using rice, salad and garlic bread as their base. Chilli Con Carne rising upwards, a piece of utterly beautiful architecture, Stoner Pyramids of Food.
In a Surrey accent, I tried to sound Edgy, Hood or Street “Raaaaaah deeeze man are baaakeeddd too” (before you ask, I didn’t do it justice)
Once the dinner was demolished, time for desert: A Golden Virginia Roll up with an icing of “Yahh bro fancy a spliff of weed and hash and skunk?”
(I began to clock this ‘Edgy’ bollocks was just a front).
A few weeks passed…. 
I began to see that ‘normal’ people, well people I perceived as normal were starting to wear extremely weird clothes. Maybe something similar happened to you at University? The feeling of I don’t think I’m going to fit in?
There was a stringent dress code to be allowed into the Edgy Community and everyone was lapping it up…everyone was conforming to the edgy rule book.
  1. A 90’s Football shirt (the more colours, the more edgy, do the math.)
  2. Reebok classics- White or Black is mandatory. But to take the edginess to a new level, ensure they are scuffed  up- let people know, ‘Yes, I was at a rave this weekend and YES I did attend an afters’
  3. A workers coat-  For some reason edgy people have a fascination with the Industrial Revolution.BIG UP BIG UP
  4. Signet rings- Family’s been edggggyyyyyyyysinceeeeee Daaaayyy Fam.
  1. Camouflage EVERYTHING- Trousers, Jackets, T- shirts you name it, its camouflage (perhaps an act of defiance, born out of sheer grief, indignant to the fact they were never allowed to play with Action Man growing up, a two fingers up to the ‘C’mon Barbie lets go party!’
  2. Baggy trousers – again just like the edgy lads, throw back to the Industrial revolution.
  3.  Nike Air Force Ones– (got this off Wikipedia- Nike Air Force 1s were originally considered the favoured shoe of inner-city youth, especially in Harlem, New York; hence the nickname “Uptowns”) – Ahhhh that explains it then!
  4. I can sing a Rainbow Bbarnet’s” – Red and yellow and pink and green/Purple and Orange and Blue/ I can sing a rainbow/ Sing a rainbow – again perhaps this is uncovering some truths of a deprived childhood, trying to cling it back by dying their barnett?? But who am I to judge?
I was sat amongst my pillows in my box of a room in halls…
‘HAAAAAAAANG ON A SECOND, I’m missing something here’
*Straight on the blower to my Dad.* 
‘Afternoon Dad,
‘I’m changing my look, I NEED friends, think Pete Doherty, Rolf Harris and a bit of Morrissey, that’ll do the trick’
‘Calm… safe’
‘I meant Thanks, Goodbye!!’
Off to town I popped feeling very insecure and out of place, but I needed to conform with the edgy gang. I needed friends.
Carhartt Jacket from Charity Shop- Check
Pair of Black Reeboks- Check 
Checkered Baggy Shirt- Check
Some dodgy ring from Topman (lol) –Check
Fuck Me. What was I thinking. That was in a basement at a house party/rave. The edgy pout as well- hahaha the “Yo, I’m edgy yeh, if your not edgy, don’t even communicate with me, like seriously… get back in your non-edgy pen you pagan!” yeh that look. Oh my god so embarrassing.
Judging by the edgy plague that spread through the streets of Manchester (now I could be completely wrong) but… the change in dress sense, make me think… You and I, We, feel very insecure and worried about fitting in. Therefore we conform with the ‘norm’, wear weird clothes, don weird barnets, talk in weird ways- due to fear of looking like the Odd One Out.   
Your first week could have been completely different…
Perhaps if you went to Leeds, Newcastle- you may have been in the same boat as me?
Perhaps if you went to Bath, or Exeter- you’d feel a sudden urge to pop into Chinos and Boat shoes?
Perhaps if you went to Nottingham or Brookes- a Canada Goose Jacket would be first on your list?
Perhaps if you went to Derby, Preston or Sunderland- a Knife and a Bottle of Frosty Jack would be required?
Just like we conform with the way we look, we conform in the lecture theatre, in the business school, in the economics departments, humanities, same shit different name in my opinion.
We conform to a dream… a dream sold to us… The 2.1. Dream.
Anxiety, fear, depression of being the Odd One Out if we don’t get a 2.1.
What is the 2.1. Dream? 
Business schools sell us ‘The 2.1. Dream’ and they do a pretty damn good job of it.
The sales pitch goes a little something like this…
Get yourself a  2.1. and life will be rosy; orange sunrises as you pick up your morning Latte (if you’r still edgy, ’Soy Milk please’),
You’ll be a Corporate King dining at fancy restaurants,
You’ll be dressed like a Corporate Knight, suited and booted in designer garms
You’ll ride your Super Car chariots around
You’ll have a fat castle, pool and 6 bedrooms
You’ll holiday in Ibiza, St. Tropez, Marbella.
Pretty good sales pitch I’m not going to lie to ya.
We all want the above and we feel anxious, insecure and fearful if we don’t get the 2.1. we don’t get the dream. So we conform, we do what the University tells us to do, we spend x amount of money on outdated books, redundant and irrelevant learning- JUST TO GET A 2.1. TO GET THE DREAM.
Who wants and tells you to get a 2.1. ?
The large Corporations and Universities work like Batman and Robin to sell you this dream.
They want workers to fuel their factory. But they want ‘good workers’, they demand workers with a 2.1.
They prey on our insecurities and get us to conform (just like wearing edgy clothes).
We all conform and chase the 2.1. dream. I chased it so hard, to the point where I almost got a first, 68.8%. As soon as I got there it was completely hollow, I had chased that dream for no reason, a waste of time and waste of money!
There are 532,300 people entered UK higher education in 2015, guess what all of them want a 2.1. because they want the 2.1. Dream. 
The End of University and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: 
We get our 2.1.
We go chanting to the Corporate Chocolate Factory-
‘I’ve got a Golden Twinkle in my eye’
‘Look at me Willyyyyyy I’VE GOT A GOOOOLDEN TICKET’’
‘LOOOK AT MY C.V. WILLY, LOOK IT! LOOK IT! 2.1. 2.1 2.1!!!’
We think we are unique, we think we are special because we got a 2.1.
The golden ticket is not so golden, when 532,000 people all have golden tickets.
Getting a 2.1. does not make you stand out, and does not make you achieve the business dream, again because 532,000 people are chasing it.
We are all just corporate Oompa Loompas, making chocolate coins for large corporations, all nestled into a wonderfully built building, one could say like a Chocolate Factory, its all there to uphold the dream, to keep the dream alive.
I mean seriously look at this….
Swap out a Green wig for a short back and sides. Swap out some weird white overall thing, for a long winter coat. Swap out the striped thing around the Umpa Lumpa’s neck with a tie. There you have it the 2.1. Dream sold hook, line and sinker.
How does the 2.1. Dream turn into a Harrowing nightmare? 
As with most sales pitch’s… you want to leave out the some of the nitty gritty bits. 
Apple don’t sell you an iPhone saying, btw if you go a nightclub, get on the beers and drop it, you’ll 99% of the time have a cracked screen- instead they show you the sexy bits.
Diet plans don’t sell you the, btw this is going to be really fucking hard, you’ll probably, cry, get angry, get hungry….No, no, no- instead they show you the sexy bits, get this body in 12 weeks, all happy white smiles and bronzed bodies.
Corporations and business schools- sell you the sexy side, holidays, cars, lunches etc… Now please allow me to expose the nitty gritty bits… 
-You’ll have to be in the office at 6.30am
-You’ll probably hate some of the people you work with- but will spend MOST of your life with them, in fact 5 out of 7 days.
-You’ll have to listen to orders from someone who makes infinitely more money than you, but you will obey as he/she will install the 2.1. Dream in you, that one day you’ll get to his/her position
-You’ll get unbearably stressed due to lack of sleep, lack of seeing friends and EMAIL!
-You’ll have to wear the same thing every day, an uncomfortable straight jacket- but because its from Armani or Gucci it’s not an issue.
-You’ll have to keep taking exams, long after University is finished, the FCA, the RICS, – want the 2.1. dream? More exams to come.
-You’ll have to get on a train everyday surrounded by people you don’t know, squeezed in like battery Chickens, gasping for air.
-If you earn money, You have two days to be free, on those days you’ll get completely intoxicated to forget about the previous 5 days, then before you know it- 6.06am train to Waterloo.
What can we do about the 2.1. Dream?
You may reading this (if still at Uni) thinking ‘Bloody hell, its all doom and gloom’
– I can’t offer some extravagant solution, but I can say this…
If I could re-wind back to 12 months ago… when all that was on my mind was a 2.1…and I could say to myself ‘Pope chill the fuck out and listen up’ (perhaps this may help you too)
  1. Do still go and work your hardest to get a 2.1.- it will put you in a good routine, self-discipline, working hard, being your own manager.
  2. Once you get a 2.1. realise you did it for YOU, not for a large corporation.
  3. Be aware Universities and Corporations are trying to sell you a dream, and realise dreams are not reality.
  4. Be aware of conforming to the 2.1. Dream, like wearing edgy clothes, everyone is doing it, you’re not standing out, you’re not being yourself.
  5. Use your 2.1. to your advantage, not to the corporations who want cheap workers so that CEO’s can make loads of money.
  6. This is the most important one, realise that entrepreneurship and working for start ups is a viable alternative to the corporate death train. 
When you and I first think of ‘entrepreneurship’, straight away loads of money, big houses, big cars, Branson and Musk.
But it is much deeper than that…
It’s a desire to be free. To work when we want, to follow our passion, so no day ever feels like work. Once you have a passion something magical happens.
Your passion doesn’t clock in at 9 and clock out at 5.
Your passion is with you 24/7.
You passion doesn’t need an hour long train journey to suddenly kick into action.
Your passion is always there.
When your passion is with you 24/7, you work double the amount of anyone. When you work double the amount of anyone, guess what you earn more money. But not one hour will ever feel like ‘work’, its an easy situation to be in.
If you have any questions, subscribe to my email list and ping me an email, I am no guru, expert or saint… but I can offer you everything I know (so far) on entrepreneurship, following your passion and books to read.
NICE ONE. Please comment if you thought it was good, let man know what to write about next.

5 Lessons Every Creative Must Understand. Right Now!

I was struggling, I had spent f*cking ages writing a blog post. I mean literally ages. (Going to be a shameless bastard and put a link to it as I personally think its banging,

(Going to be a shameless bastard and put a link to it as I personally think its banging, hopefully you do too!)

It was the one about David Bowie, George Michael and Prince dying and what we could learn from their legacy’s.

I thought it was current, powerful, witty and engaging.

When I hit the publish button on WordPress.

‘OIIIII OIIII  let’s be having it’

*shuffling in the mirror to Disclosure’s White Noise*

‘This ones gunna go down a storm!’

No one read it. 

I thought about fucking this whole thing off, people had lost interested, I was never going to take it anywhere. ‘Whats the point Pope?’ 

Fuck It. Pub. Pints. Jaegers.

Pub. Pints. Jaegers.

Pints. Jaegers.


I woke up like this…


Praying someone would read the bloody thing…

No one had read it.

I was seriously miffed, a glum and hungover, but this was about to change…

Enter Steven Pressfield and his book ‘The War of Art’ 

Seth Godin, the guy who wrote ‘Linchpin’, I love this guy, so much so I did a post on Four Vital Lessons Taken from Linchpin … Anyway, I was listening to Seth on the Tim Ferris Show, highly suggest checking this out btw- and Seth said this…

If you’re struggling with anything, writing, life, work, jobs, exercise- you MUST read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art 

Hungover as Hell, I knew before I hit the McD’s I needed to hit the order button an Amazon. Prime’d the shit out of it and was delivered that evening.

After copious amounts of water, Berroca and munch- I was good to rock and roll.

It’s a short book, 165 pages in fact.

Like a famished school kid attacks his packet of Monster Munch and Fanta Twist on the way home from school, I got this literary genuis in my belly a.s.a.p.

If your worried about your career, your job, where your going in life, why your not doing things that fulfill you, ignite fire in your belly… THIS BOOK ANSWERS THOSE CONCERNS

Here are the important lessons we need to take from the book..

Lesson One: The Resistance 

(BTW) anything in Italics is direct quotes taken from the book 

Resistance cannot be seen, touched, heard or smelled. But it can be felt. We experience it as an energy field radiating from a work-in-potential. Its a repelling force. Its negative. Its aim is to shove us away, distract us, prevent us from doing our work. 

 What does Resistance feel like?

 First, unhappiness. We feel like hell. A low-grade misery pervades everything. We’re bored. We’re restless. We can’t get no satisfaction. There’s guilt but we cant put our finger on the source. We want to go back to bed; we want to get up and party. We feel unloved and unlovable. We’re disgusted. We hate our lives. We hate ourselves.

 Sounds like life right, I know. It isn’t. It’s Resistance.

Resistance is this thing that we all experience a.k.a. The Voice in our heads.

It’s the voice that says ‘I cannot be fucked in the slightest to go the gym’

It’s the voice that says ‘Can I get a large fries with that’

It’s the voice that says ‘I’ll revise tomorrow’.

It’s the voice that says ‘Fuck it, I’m going to the pub’

It’s the voice that stops us from doing everything we really want to do.

When my blog post failed, Resistance grabbed me by the balls, slung me around his head and threw me into my local pub. Resistance ordered pint after pint after pint. Resistance grabbed me by the hands and joyfully walked me to the Kebab House ‘Large Donner Please pal’. Resistance almost ‘shoved me away, distracted me and prevented me from continuing to write these blogs.’

As Pressfield says the worst thing about Resistance is that we can’t see or feel it. All we know is that it gets in our way and stops us from doing what we really want to do. 

I feel by personifying resistance, it makes our life easier in truly understanding it. Its the fat bully at school who wants to nick our sweets, piss in our shoes, beat us up.

The fat bully getts in our way. Resistance gets in our way. You’re trying to do well in class (something that matters), the fat shit is

You’re trying to do well in class (something that matters), the fat shit is lobbing chewing gum at the back of your neck, whilst his hands are down his pants itching his sweaty balls.

You’re trying to do well at sport, the fat shit is trying to trip you up.

You’re trying to network, socialize, make friends, that fat shit will come stomping along and punch you in the face.

Resistance like a silent assassin will do all of the above.

Resistance will make us nervous… stop us going to networking events.

Resistance will make us feel guilty… go raid the fridge…etc. etc.


As I’m writing this post, Resistance is talking to me- ‘Go on Pope, You’ve done your first draft, go down stairs to the cookie jar, get yourself a Kit Kat and Diet Coke, Heck, Why not go for a smoke??’ See what I mean? It gets in the way of things

What can we do about Resistance? 

Pressfield, Thankfully gives us a solution to use resistance to our advantage.

Resistance will stop us from doing what we truly want to do. We can use resistance. We can use it as a compass. We can navigate by resistance, letting it guide us to that calling or action we must follow before all others.

Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel towards pursuing it. 

Ok, so let’s break this down…

Resistance is the voice in our head that STOPS US FROM DOING IMPORTANT THINGS.

The more important a task= the Greater the Resistance

How do we beat Resistance? 

I think I’ve found away to take the Resistance bully behind the bike shed and twat the fat odious little creature in the head with a spade.

Change the way you phrase things…

We phrase important things… like this…

I have to go the gym. I have to revise. I have to check emails. I have to get up for work. I have to go to a meeting. I have to go to this networking event.

Resistance will always win when you frame it as I have to”, everytime you say I have to the bully is hurling abuse at you.

But back to punching that fat shit in the head…

Change the phrasing of things to “I want to… because”

I am slowly but surely beating resistance this way, it could work for you…

I’ve started writing more blogs and been going to the gym more, haven’t stopped smoking (but Hey Ho, Rome wasn’t built in a day!)

You want to go to the gym because you’ll lose fat, build muscle, feel sexy, be more confident, live longer etc.

You want to read emails because you’ll get more business, more dosh= more time to have banging holidays, buy a car, buy a watch (whatever floats your boat)

You want to revise because you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment if you get a 2.1., (not for a corporate job, I hope!)

You want to go to a networking event because you’ll get more business, more contacts etc.

That is how I would beat up the Resistance bully, when it comes to day-to-day shenanigans.

But resistance has a way of actually impacting our life purpose…this brings me on to the ‘next slide’…

Lesson Two: Our Calling and Resistance

We all have a calling. Pressfield describes it as

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the un-lived life within us. Between the two stands resistance. 

The un-lived life within us… our calling is what we really want to do. Confused? Yep so was I.

The easiest way to conceptualize this, think of Fleetwood Mac. Think of their song ‘Everywhere’  which is an absolute banger.

Instead of Annie Lennox (lead singer) singing the words and their meaning to you from a stage, whilst she’s off her tits on acid circa 1975.

Instead, Imagine this…its the feeling in your gut, the feeling of excitement passion, enthusiasm, fire etc. it is that feeling singing the Fleetwood Mac lyrics to you… lets go through them

‘Can you hear me calling

Out your name’

That feeling deep down is trying to get your attention ‘can you hear it calling’ – your name. NO ONE ELSE’s. That feeling is trying to get you to do what you truly want to, it could be setting up a Paper clip business, it could literally be anything. BUT it is yours, and yours only. 

‘Oh I,

I want to be with you everywhere

Oh I,

I want to be with you everywhere’

You’re calling. You’re dream. No matter what job you take will always be with you. You can’t escape your calling, it well never leave you, when you 30, 50, 70 you will always have your calling burning deep down. 

‘C’mon baby

We better make a start

You better make it soon

Before you break my heart’ 

Start listening to your calling. Start following your passion, otherwise, you’ll end up in a corporate job 20 years from now with a ‘broken heart’. 

I’ve got a good friend, who is listening to his calling right now, he LEFT the corporate job and is starting selling Food out of a truck.

Why? His calling, his passion, his burning desire is for Food. Food follows him everywhere, if he doesn’t follow his passion for Food, he will be left heart broken.

Lesson 3: Why do Business schools AMPLIFY Resistance and get in the way of our CALLING??

 “Resistance Recruits Allies and prevents our calling”  evernote-snapshot-20170120-095859

Business school’s provide The Resistance with a load of Allies…

The resistance bully has grown pubes now, his voice is starting to break, he’s the ‘lad around town’, smoking Chesterfield Reds at lunch break and now this little shit has got a little possey, DemCrew, all in Huraches, dabbing to Stormzy, the reincarnation of #POGBACK

The resistance bully with his allies (crew) will try even harder to get in the way of your calling.

When one begins to over come her resistance, she may find that those close to her begin acting strange. They may become moody or sullen, they may accuse her awakening of “changing” of “not being the person she was”. The closer these people are to the person trying over come her resistance, the more bizarrely they will act and the more emotion they will put behind their actions. They are trying to sabotage her. 

The reason is that they are struggling, consciously or unconsciously against their own Resistance. 

 You find your calling at business school. You know you want set up your own business. Pursue your passion.

The Resistance bully will recruit every single other student in the lecture theatre, place them in Hurache’s and turn them against YOU and YOUR calling.


This conversation…

“Whens your assessment center?”

“How many have you applied for?”

“I’ve got a few applications to send off”

Resistance is pumping through the conversation, making you feel out of place and insecure, if your not following the crowd by applying for gradschemes.

This is compounded when you look around the lecture theater…

You look around mid-lecture, no one is listening to the poor sod center stage. Everyone is masturbating over grad-scheme websites as if they’ve just stumbled upon porn for the first time…


To turn around and say I’m not doing that, I’m setting up my own business. You feel like the odd one out. Well NO, the Resistance makes you feel like you’re the odd one out.

If you tell your peers your going it alone, pursuing your calling…

Ok Mate. Good luck with that’ *turns to friend *- ‘Utter moron’

“Hahaha good luck with that, safer off just getting a corporate job, making money, nice car, nice house”

When Resistance gets allies, suddenly you start talking yourself out of your calling, it pours water over the burning fire you had deep down in your stomach, it turns off the Fleetwood Mac song, it ruins you..

‘Ahhhhh maybe their right, you know what starting a business is so hard, this isn’t for me, I’ll just get a corporate job’

Resistance and my blog: 

People have said (when drunk), theres no point in doing this blog?  It’ll damage your reputation? You’ll never get a job? Waste of time? You’re a fool!

It’s very easy to listen to the resistance and its allies, let it defeat you,  But before I write, I say this:

This is my calling (not in some spiritual shepherd way or Moses parting the Red Sea), just in a way that makes me ignore people’s comments and criticism!  To allign my writing style with my calling I say this to myself “Imagine your three pints down at the pub, talking to your mates… thats how I write, whether you like it or not I’m not going to let the resistance take hold of me”

Lesson 4: How to handle Resistance and people getting in the way of your calling?

If you find yourself criticising other people you are probably doing it out of resistance. When we see other people beginning to live their authentic selves, it drives us crazy if we have not lived our own.

The people criticizing you in the lecture theatre are scared, they are scared because they know the corporate job will fail to provide them with the ability to live their authentic selves, they will constantly tell you to not follow calling, due to their own fears and insecurities.

Then they’ll say something like this… I’ll work corporate for 5 years or so, then set up on my own… OK MATE.

Pressfield’s answer to this…

Resistance and Procrastination

 We don’t tell ourselves, “I’m never going to write my symphony”. Instead we say, “I am going to write my symphony, I’m just going to start tomorrow”

When they say… I’ll work for 5 years, then get the corporate job… they’re listening to their Resistance. The likelihood of them actually doing it, is nil!


Lesson 5: How to remove yourself from criticism and following your calling. 

The issue many people have, as do I, is that when they set up, they see themselves as part of their business. The two are inseperable. The two are inextricably intertwined.

If our business gets criticism, We get criticism.

If our work gets criticism, we get criticism.

Someone slags off our idea, they are slagging off us.

This couldn’t be more true for my blog, if someone slags it off, I over identitfy with it and thus take it personally. Get proper phalled off!

Pressfield offers a solution for this…

The professional cannot let himself take humiliation personally. Humiliation, like rejection and criticism, is the external reflection of internal Resistance.

 An amateur lets the negative opinion of others unman him. He takes external criticism to heart, allowing it to trump his own belief in himself and his work. Resistance loves this.

 Making yourself a corporation (or just thinking of yourself in that way) reinforces the idea of professionalism because it separates the artist-doing-the-work from the will and conscious running the show.

 If we think of ourselves as a corporation, it gives us a healthy distance on ourselves. We’re less subjective. We don’t take blows personally. We’re more cold blooded   

What I take from this… Is if I see my blog as a seperate entity from myself (which admittedly is hard) but then the criticism goes towards that and not the blog.

If my mate takes his Food truck and see’s criticism against the food as an attack on the truck and not on him personally. Then it becomes much easier to ignore criticism, ignore resistance and keep ploughing forward.

So, if you’re stuck with what to do with your career, how to follow your passion, I hope this helps you.

One final thing… I need your help… I am not going to cover this up in a veil of marketing tripe… 

Your call to action: I need you to comment on this post if you enjoyed it, and ideally comment with what stuff you want me to write about in the future (makes my life easier) Currently, I’m having to guess what people WANT to read (ball-ache). 

Thank you!


4 ways to reduce Exam Stress (I wish I…

4 ways to reduce stress before exams

15th January 2016.Exactly one year ago.

Exactly one year ago.

I was on the verge of a breakdown.

Anxiety. Fear. Panic.

Every fuckin day for 2 months.

I was scared of a piece of paper. A piece of paper that would ‘shape my life?’ Determine my ‘levels of success’.

It’s the fear that these factors are determined in the space of two hours. Panic, Panic, Panic. Lets talk about my month, this time last year, OHHHH BOY IT WAS SHITEEEE.

The Library:

“Alright mate, Hello Babe”

“You stressed??”

“Ahhhh soo stressed”

“How many you got?”


“When you finish?”

“17th, yourself?”

This is the only conversation you ever during exam period.

Constantly, comparing and contrasting how shit your January is comparatively to someone else’s”

“1 EXAM, she’s got 1 EXAM!!!!, and the rest coursework!!” Ohhh fucking hell, bet you she does History of Art I bet you!!”

 “What course do you do again?”

Edgy, posh accent “History of Art”.


The walk into the library, like Moses parting the red sea, a clear divide of smokers.

To the left.

The Hells Angels of the library, strictly smoking roll ups. The “You got a spare rizzla” kinda people. Connected by their love of the ‘pouch’.

To the right.

The straights, it’s not just any straight, its ALWAYS a Malboro Light. Jacket of choice, Moncler or Canada Goose.

So you pass this tripe on your way in. (Sorry to admit, I have been in both of the above camps)

Take a seat.


The I-play-techno-really-fucking-loud-reviser– this chump, wants to make it very clear that revising is not his priority. His priority is RAVING.

The head bop as he types his revision notes??

A sign to warn other library frequenters, that “Yes, before you ask, I have got a filthy rave lined up soon as this shit is over”

The Exam Hall:

Let’s be honest, this fear is compounded with the environment you take these fucking redundant exams in.

An out-dated sports hall, which for some reason always has a plastic floor covering, to protect the holy floor of a sports hall.

I mean seriously do they think were waiting outside the exam hall playing stuck in the mud?

“Ohhhh these bladddy students, can’t keep their trainers clean”

“You know what Rog, you’re right, lets put down the plastic floor covering, that’ll teach them!”

The exam patrol officers, B.O. ridden, draped in butterz clothes, power hungry morons who go out of their way, to make your really shit day even shittier.

I would always look up mid-way through the exam, (you know that one minute breather, where you just need to think “What on earth did I even write in the last hour???”

Anyway, I’d think to myself: “What do these losers do when they get home?”

Probably find the most efficient way to sap the life out of making a cuppa tea.

Kettle on.



*Glance at the clock *



“5 minutes, I’d like to repeat you have 5 minutes remaining”



Kettles done. Tea’s ready. They march over to the biscuit tin.


“Hhmmmmmmm these Hob Knobs look a bit dodgy”

Hob knob is thinking, “ohhhh fuck off just leave me alone, its stressful enough being stuck in this tin, with all these other panic ridden biscuits, the last thing I need is your butterz boat in my face”.

You get my point. Exams don’t exactly wet peoples appetite for success. But they are really stressful.

Since I’ve left University, I’ve had more time on my hands to stop reading bollocks written in (1980) (remember to use references in your exam paper, that’ll get you far in life…zzzzzz

Now I read A LOT about productivity hacks, calming the mind, dealing with stress etc.

I’m putting in this blog post, the things I wish I knew this time last year, which would have made my life MUCH EASIER, LESS STRESSFUL. Stopppedme crying down the phone to my mother, throwing my chair at the wall (hahahaha fucking hell) and the odd scream  of desperation to the computer screen.

Perhaps, even hopefully, it may work for you.

Tip ONE: Cut calories on social media

All these self-help, productivity hacks are really useful and the common thread amongst most of them is to increase focus you need to remove all distractions.

I’d hop on the bus to the library, on the way there, like we all do, I’d check in with the usual social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter,Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish,, Happn.

My mind is focusing on this bollocks and NOT on what I NEED to be doing. Revision.

The first 4 hours is make or break.

I’ve started placing huge value on the first 4 hours of the day. I don’t even touch social media. My phone is looking at me saying “C’moooooon buddy, just one little minute, it won’t do any one any harm”

“1 minute, turn to 10 minutes, 10 to an hours” =FUCKED IT.

So first thing is try as best as you can do just not touch social media.

Plan out the first 4 hours.

The night before, plan everything you wanna bosh out in those 4 hours, (will reduce anxiety/stress before you sleep too)

Then get to the library, as early as possible in my opinion, but otherwise whenever suits you.



Coffee is your best friend. Nail that shit back like liquor.

Airplane mode: ON.

4 hours.

Balls to the wall work.

You’ll get more done in those four hours than you would in a day. Simply by reducing you’re calories on social media.

Once you’ve hammered out the most important task in that four hour window, you can put the rest of your day in cruise control.

I wish I had known this last year, I would have actually done the work and spent less time fannying around on Facebook.

Two – The Pomodoro technique

I just spent 20 quid on a productivity planner from Amazon, the guy Alex Ikoon whom created the planner, spoke to all the most productive people on the planet and found out their best ways of being productive.

The Pomorodoro technique= some pretty mental productivity.

What is it? (this is taken from the book, but I’ve simplified it for time sake)

 Decide on a clear task (i.e. a paper you need to read, a chapter of a textbook etc. etc.)

Block out 25 minutes of time- this time slot is otherwise known as the Pomodoro

Airplane mode on, set the timer on your phone (personally I turn my phone over, so I’m not constantly looking at it)


 If you get distracted, gently bring yourself back to work. It happens. Relax.

 Over time this technique will condition you to focus exclusively on the task at hand.

At the end of the 25 minute pomodoro time slot.

 Have a 5 minute breather.

 That is in essence the pomodorro technique, its great for more ‘real life worky shite’.

HOWEVER at University

My 5 minute break, grab a coffee, ohhhh fuck it, I’ll have a fag whilst im there- boom 5 minutes turns into 15 your fucked.

Therefore, on reflection, what I needed this time last year, was two pomodorro slots b2b.

So set the timer for 50 minutes, then a 10 minute breather. Repeat. I know these articles are a ball ache to read, and the twat job whose writing them will use overly-complicated language, so I think 50 mins is best. But if 25 mins works for you then be my guest.

So what I would do is combine 2 pomodoros, so 50 minutes of all out supersonic work. Then you’ve got 10 mins, break which is enough for a fag, coffee or little chat.

Then back in the game, if you block out 4-5 hours work, you can get through 8-10 pomodoros- you do this and you’re on to an absolute winner.

Jazz (search on Spotify Coffee table Jazz)

“Jazz hands, Jazz hands” – I swear to God a girl actually said this as we were walking up to do our group presentation

“Errrrr what are you doing?”


Sod it why not.

* I began to tap dance *

“Theres nooooooooooooo businesss liiiiikeeee Shoowwww business”…

But Jazz OMG, is the most relaxing Music.

Last year, to work, I was listening to Mozart symphonies.

Great to work to: YES.

Increase likelihood of you pulling out the knife: YES.

All these violins and sad soppy sounds really sets the tone for exam period.

Ed Sheeran, the ginger dough ball, again doesn’t help- “Thinking out loud” – again, Sir, pass me the knife.

Jazz. Jazz and Coffee is like bread and butter, Ant and Dec, Kenan and Kel. A match made in heave.

For some reason, working to Jazz just works for me, perhaps it could work for you.

But combining the first three tips together, OHHH MYY, the perfect ingredients for a revision chocolate gateau. In combination. A revision fuelled masterpiece is created.

You need something to pull you along. That thing is Jazz (INSERT PLAYLIST). HERES THE PLAY LIST


4 Meditation (Download the app Head Space)

“Naaaaah mate, not for me, see you later, I’m off!!!”

I would have thought the same, this time last year. But read this list before you leave…

  • Katy Perry
  • Madonna
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Kristen Bell
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Russell Brand
  • Eva Mendes
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Paul McCartney
  • Miguel
  • Moby
  • Jerry Sienfeld

 All these fuckers meditate. They use it do deal with FAME. Which is probably just as stressful as exams. Photographers in your boat 24/7.

How did I stumble upon meditation?

I had crashed my van.

Things were going pear shaped with Manilife at a Food Show, which I ended up missing.

I was eating horrifically, felt like a fat shit.

My mum was in my ear hole.

Casserole was for dinner (not my mum’s strong point, proper butterz)


During exam period, EVERYTHING IS TOO MUCH.

Before you go to sleep, library, exam, work, stress, fuck this, fuck that, get me home- all these emotions are flying about in your brain, its GRIM!

Meditation just slows down those emotions. The only way I could describe it, is imagine your desk is covered in crap.

Books, Coffee cups, crisp packets, random pieces of paper all over the place. Its stressful to look at.

Then suddenly, you clear everything away, put all your pens neatly ordered, your books in alphabetical order, you stapler in the right location, laptop perfectly in the middle of your desk.

Everything just feels better, think of your thoughts like stationary.

Nothing has changed on the desk, neither will your thoughts, they’ll still be there.

But they’ll be organised. This is the ONE THING I wish I had known last year more than ANYTHING ELSE.

It takes 10 minutes in the morning, there’s an app called Head Space. Download it. The guys voice is sooooooo fucking relaxing. It just sorts you out.